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Thoughts Shared at her Funeral

This is a compilation of the thoughts, memories, remembrances shared by those who attended Renee's funeral....

  • I loved how you always put yourself "out there."  I envied how you advanced your career and tried so many aspects of nursing.  I wanted to be brave like you and put myself "out there."
  • Renee was a good friend to my family.  They loved her.
  • Renee taught me how to be a friend.
  • Renee was a friend of mine, always smiling and always had been sweed and kind to everyone, including me.  I remember her giving spirit--she was the most giving person I knew.  I worked with Renee in Sparta in the immigrant program.             --Kathy 
  • I cannot remember a single conversation with Renee that didn't include her smile and laughter.  She was full of joy and shared it abundantly.    --S. Anderson
  • I loved her sense of humor and her laugh warmed my heart.
  • Renee is a gift from God.  A caring mother and friend.  She always had a smile.  Loved her humor.
  • She met the needs of others by giving of herself.
  • Renee was loved and loved others and gave the gift of life to a stranger.  Her memory will live in our hearts and minds forever.  --Cheri (co-worker at KCTC)
  • Mrs. Pagel was my teacher in my Junior and Senior years.  I first only took the class because my friend was, but then I fell in love with caring for people, and Mrs. Pagel was the main factor in that.  She was my favorite teacher because she always was fair and she loved everyone.  She had a saying on the board every day, and one was always giving and she was always giving us girls advice on our boyfriends.  She told us we can know if he's a keeper if he doesn't litter and if he puts the cart back at the store.  Mrs. Pagel taught me almost everything I know about nursing and she was always standing over our shoulders to guide us along with our studies and procedures.  Now she will still be able to stand over our shoulders and help us in times of need.  Mrs. Pagel left a lasting impact on my life and I will always be grateful that she was my teacher and I got to know her.  God bless.  --Ashley
  • I did not know Renee but I know she had the love of Jesus to donate a kidney for someone she didn't know.
  • Renee was my friend.  I loved her dearly.  She was so much fun.  She could talk about anything.  I want her fun-loving spirit to live on in her kids.
  • I only knew Renee for one day, but it was a beautiful day.  My sister, Mary, invited me to go along when she and her son, Rocket, took Renee and her kids fishing this spring.  We laughed, and talked and played and had a wonderful time.  Renee was as nice as people get.  I made a flower crown for Sarah and she smiled and we (Renee and I) took pictures.  I 'm here to pay my respects to a wonderful person who made a happy day for us this spring.   --Georgia
  • I most vividly remember nights in the Burn Unit as I passed the time during rounds and sharing such wonderful stories of Renee's travels and our horror stories of returning to school.  I still marvel that she got through for a particular class when she hauled out her camera to take some beautiful pictures of the sunset over Lake Michigan, with her instructor glaring at her from the restaurant above.  I've always thought she had her priorities in the right place and this was certainly one of those.  I'll always think of her when I see a glorious sunset and find some comfort in knowing that she is part of that now.  She will truly be missed and what a great loss to us all.  --Susan
  • I only met Renee briefly 3 times at the hospital.  she had this smile that made you smile back and feel welcomed and at ease.  When my sister told me that her teacher was willing to get tested to possibly be a kidney match, my first thought was "why?"  She doesn't even know him!  Hearing the stories over the last few days about Renee answered my question.  She is the kind of person who will do what she can for others.  My family and I will never forget her kindness or smile and we will always pray for her family.  --Michael & Jennifer
  • Renee had the best smile and laugh of anyone I ever knew.  When Renee walked into a room, everyone knew it was going to be a good time, filled with cheer and laughter.
  • What a magnetic personality!
  • Renee was a very loving person.  Her smile touched everyone's heart.
  • Renee....my forever best and faithful friend.  My sister who I will see again in Heaven...  --Laura
  • I admire Renee's mothering skills.  Her ability to be such a faithful friend.  Playing with her children among all of her stresses.   --Chrissy (co-worker at Family Medical)
  • I will always remember Renee's quick smile, how open she was about herself.  Giving, caring and honest.  I have never laughed harder than when she made up the "typewriter dance" and taught us.
  • She's a joyous, loving, caring and a happy person.  She would do anything for anyone.  She's always positive.  She will be greatly missed and loved always.
  • I have so many memories, it's impossible to share just one.  Renee had an intense love for her family and friends.  Every person who met Renee felt instantly like they were her best friend forever.  Renee embraced ALL.  That's why we loved her so much!!  --Joyce
  • Mrs. Pagel was my nursing teacher this past year.  She was awesome!  Happiest lady ever there was.  Never a day she didn't smile.  She was also just so helpful.  Mrs. Pagel told me one time I was described as an authentic person.  She always made me laugh.  --Rachel
  • Renee was a beautiful person inside and out.  We loved her so much.  I remember Renee always smiled with her eyes first.  We miss her and so will anyone who ever knew her.  Heaven has gained a true angel.  --Her patients from Dr. Setchfield's office
  • For Renee's children:  As you grow, you'll wonder what your mother was like.  You'll find bits of her in family, friends, and other people who knew her and even in some people who didn't.  Accept these bits when you read them.  They are blessings from your mother.  I worked with your mom at school.  I considered her a friend and we shared stories about my kids and yopu three.  She was so proud of each of you kids.  When she got the portraits back this spring of 2006, she showed everyone she could.  Those are beautiful pictures.  Your mom was a challenging, yet kind teacher, and that's the best a teacher can be.  She also had a lovely sense of humor and was a wonderful story teller.  Her story about your dog, Shelby, who ate the pantyhose (and how those pantyhose got out) made me laugh so hard I cried.  I still laugh every time I think of that story.  Your mom will be so missed.  If there is ever anything I can do for you three kids, please find me.  Your mom took care of so many kids, and I, as well as others, will be there for you.   ---Love, Deborah
  • Renee was my teacher at Kent Skills.  She was the only teacher I really liked.  She was always happy.  I am writing you to tell you of a letter Mrs. Pagel sent home with one of my report cards.  she told my parents that she could tell how much I wanted to be a nurse.  And it is the faith that she gave me that is going to help me to accomplish my dream.  --God Bless, Amanda
  • Renee:  Your memory will forever bloom in our hearts!  Erin & Larry Kuiper
  • Renee gave of herself to others entirely at work and at home---everywhere.
  • Renee was always there for me as a close friend.  Renee loved me unconditionally as her friend.  My most difficult struggles in life were faced and overcome with the help of Renee.  Renee was there for me at my lowest point in life and she still loved me.
  • She was FUN to be with...she was forgiving.  She was the friend I had prayed for.  She loved her children SO MUCH.  She LIVED God's love.  She never talked badly about another person.  She loved to laugh and was ALWAYS smiling.
  • I saw an incredibly loving and dedicated mother every day when she would drop off and pick up Sarah and Joel at school.  She loved them more than anything...and still does.
  • She helped me not to take myself so seriously.
  • She made me a better person.  She showed me by example--how to use suffering for God's glory.
  • Renee was so sweet, welcoming.  A great friend.
  • We don't know each other but from knowing your father, Forrest, with God's pure heart, you had to be very special too.   --Faye
  • I loved and appreciated Renee's courage to embrace life; a woman who took risks in serving others, making her life full and meaningful.  She was a wonderful mom, nurse, a friend.  Renee touched my life because she loved her family.  We love her sister, Michelle.  We have that in common.  --Barb
  • Renee was my Dr. office's nurse.  We all loved her personality and kindness.
  • When I was ill and two other doctors said that there was nothing wrong with me.  Renee was the one who thought to send me to a specialist.  The specialist found a cancerous tumor in my cervix.  I had surgery and am now alright and healthy.  If it hadn't been for Renee's persistence and knowledge, I don't know if I'd still be here today.   --Catherine
  • Renee showed God's love in her life.  She is now with her mom, Aunt Doris, and my mom and dad--all the people she loved.  I'm sure God welcomed her with open arms.  ---Love, Sherry
  • Renee was as dear as her mother, Doris, who was my very best friend. --Carolyn
  • I had the pleasure of not only working with Renee but was able to see her and her family away from School.  My son enjoyed playing with Joel and his sisters.  He enjoyed their horse and shooting his bow with Joel.  We took Joel to wrestling practice to see if Joel woule be interested.  I was able to help Renee with some light household repairs while the kids played.  I had just brought some furniture to her house that she couldn't fit into her van after buying it.  I will miss her humor and her laugh.  I will just plain miss her.  --Bryan
  • Renee was a saint.  She did more in her 41 years of life than most of us will ever do.
  • I taught down the hall from Renee at KCTC.  I always went or sent my students to her room to borrow supplies.  She would always lend them with a big smile.  A smile I won't forget!  Peace be with you! 
  • Renee wants me to be a better person.
  • A gift from God.
  • Always a mother with nothing but love for Sarah, Joel and Hannah.  She loved you every minute and will always.
  • Renee was a person who never met a stranger.  She was a friend to everyone and had time for everyone.
  • Loving, giving, so much fun.  She brought joy to the world and to me.
  • Although I didn't know you personally, I saw how the love of the Lord shone through your life and how you have done in your life and also with the bringing up of your beautiful children.
  • Renee was a person who lived Christ's love on earth!
  • Renee was a selfless, generous giver...who cared about all people and she loved others and showed others Christ's love through her spirit.
  • Renee was the most selfless woman I know...this is a reflection of Doris and Fory, her parents.
  • Jesus loves her.  She was a part of our family for so long----she was so much fun and kind.  ---Keith and Nina
  • Renee was a beautiful person, inside and out.  She wore her heart on her sleeve.  The kids meant everything to her.
  • Renee was the most wonderful, caring mother.  She had the best sense of humor!  Always made me laugh, even in her hardships.
  • I loved seeing Renee every 6 weeks when she got her hair cut.  The whole time she was in the beauty shop, she had us laughing.  Last month she told us that she found out that not everyone liked her sarcastic sense of humor.  We loved it and we love Renee.  I am praying constantly.    --Diane
  • Renee cheerfully gave of herself to the homeless here at Heartside Clinic. Cheerfully and with the spirit and love Jesus would have cared for them.
  • Sounds like a wonderful Christian person.  Her parents should feel very proud of her.  Only God knows why!!!  She will be missed!
  • I love you, my sister, because of Jesus and because of your wonderful mother and father, Forrest and Doris.
  • I went to Michigan State with Renee.  There is no doubt I made it through only because of her.  Her wit, intelligence and her love of life were always impressive.  We loved hearing about her medical mission trips.  Her energy was boundless.
  • Renee always impressed me how she could always give.  She gave from her heart despite what she was going through.  She is as close to a saint that I will ever get.  She will be an inspiration to me forever.  If we could all just be a little more like her.  The world would be a much better place.
  • God bless her family, those beautiful children she loved beyond all else.  May we all take upon ourselves to keep them in our prayers.  May they grow under her watchful eye and her love.
  • There was only one Renee DeMaagd and I consider myself blessed to have known her.  God Bless.  --  Mary Ellen
  • Renee was loving, warm and caring.  She was easy to talk to.  She was a great teacher and a great nurse.  I'm so glad I got to be in her class.  I'm very thankful for what she did for my dad.
  • I didn't know Renee, but to give a portion of your body to a stranger, one needs to be a very loving and giving person.
  • If I could truly live my life in the shadow of Renee's giving self....
  • Renee always put others first.
  • I had a prayer with Renee before surgery.  I'm glad that I had a chance to meet her.  I'll never forget her selfless act in giving a kidney.  Our prayers are with you.   --Russ from Grandville Church of Christ
  • Renee loved, laughed and lived.  And she still does.  She was a gift to my life.
  • Loving, generous, caring, happy, Great mother, full of joy.  She is greatly missed and loved.
  • She was a loving and caring person.  Too sweet to be forgotten!
  • Thanks for the wild ride--white water rafting in West Virginia in you Renault and full of Pepsi cans.  Working alongside in the Burn Unit, Heartside and at Terry's!  You are missed!  (say hi to Mary Jo and my Dad!)
  • Renee was a special person who we loved and adored.  She will always be remembered as a wonderful person.  We loved her very much.
  • Renee was so selfless and sharing.
  • Renee is special to psychiatric patients.  Loving and laughing with them.
  • I didn't know Renee personally, but knew of her selflessness in donating her kidney to my brother in Christ.  I wish I had met her.  She sounds like a really God-loving person.
  • May God give you all peace and special memories of her.  In Christ's love, Ann from Grandville Church of Christ
  • I think of Renee this day with gratitude.  My fellow Christian brother (who received her kidney) will live a better life because Renee was so very unselfish.
  • We at Grandville Church of Christ are praying for all of you--the family.  May our Lord heal and bless you forever.  --Dawn
  • Renee was a very caring and devoted Mom and a great nurse.
  • Renee was always thoughtful, giving and full of life.  She loved her kids and was filled with energy.  Renee loved Jesus.
  • We love her dad and step-mom.  We also loved her mom, Dorie.  We thank God for the friendship we have been blessed with.
  • I amazed that someone would give a kidney to someone she didn't even know.  That is LOVE!
  • Renee was the most generous, wonderful, giving, sweetest person I have ever met.  She was such a blessing in my life.  I feel so blessed to have been her friend.
  • Renee was loving, joyful and compassionate to all people.  We will always love her!
  • Renee reflected the love of her Heavenly Father through her love for her family and all who touched her life.
  • Renee was always joyful.  she was absolutely radiant with her smile and positive attitude.
  • I met Renee high in the Andes in Ecuador in 1988.  I never heard her say anything bad about anybody.  She radiated love from every pore in her body.
  • Renee is safe in the arms of our Lord!  A Blessed Thought.
  • Renee was a wonderful and devoted friend of us, and especially to my son and her family.
  • Renee, an unselfish giver.  God's gift to a friend's father.  She touched so many lives.  A beautiful example of God's love.
  • She was a wonderful mother.  Her smile was great!  We could see Jesus in her person.
  • Renee was just such a bright light.  We worked together at Longford Care Unit and you knew when she came on the unit that the light was here.  Her smile was beautiful and her laugh was infectious.  She was such a giving spirit that the world will truly miss her.  --Angie
  • I remember how she used to buy our class pizza all the time.  She was always so happy and ready to share a smile.  She will be greatly missed.  --Former students, Krista & Lyndsey
  • At the first week of school at the Skills Center, she made us put Beanie babies on our heads and turn around to this crazy song to help us loosen up.  -- Becca & Nancy
  • I worked with Renee the last 3 months arranging her kidney donation.  It was heart-warming how she focused on the task.  --Kathy
  • She loved life, loved people, friends, family, strangers.  Very unselfish.  she'll be missed!
  • We took our boys fishing at Pickeral Lake this spring.  Renee didn't dare touch the worms.  I thought this was a little ironic for a nurse to be so easily grossed out!!  My son Rocket thought she was the greatest mom because they had pizza every night!!  I will miss Renee.  She was a great friend.   ---Mary
  • Renee was very kind to me when I was in Forestview.  She helped me in many ways. She felt a lymph node in my neck I didn't know I had.  She very possibly saved my life.  God bless her.  I will always remember her.
  • Renee was always happy and always smiling.  I will always remember how happy she would be when we'd see her.  Thanks for sharing her with me.     --Roberta
  • All my memories of Renee are of her laughing loudly and being "up for anything" at any time.  She was the warmest, kindest person I have ever known.  --Alana, EKHS Graduate
  • My memory of Renee is meeting her for the first time when her mom started dialysis.  She came with Michelle and the twins.  They were just babies.  I was working for Renal Associates (Dr. Deans) and was responsible to answer questions and assist new patients with starting dialysis.  Both Renee and Michelle were very concerned and asked really good questions...I was afraid I would not be able to answer them all!  But they were very understanding and it turned out to be a really good visit.  --Adrianna
  • Renee was an extremely positive person with a heart of gold.  She was a joy to be around and always brightened my day.  I will miss her.
  • R--remarkable in many ways. E--energetic in everything she would do.  N--nurturing!  As a nurse, teacher, mother and friend.  E--effervescent smile.  E--ever loving her children and others.    --Renee's colleagues.
  • Renee is the greatest Mom in the world.
  • Thank you for always making me smile even on the worst day.
  • 1. Giving   2. Caring   3. Loving
  • She was full of love and kindness.  Should we all live our lives as she did.  God bless you!!
  • I have always counted on her.  She would help me if I had questions!  I had a lot of fun in her class.  She was a beautiful person.  She is my best friend.  In Jesus she is my sister.  She had a great heart for me.    --Cassie, student at KCTC
  • What a great teacher Renee was.  I was a student of hers and she helped me learn a lot about health care.  She even helped me get through my problems.  I really enjoyed her smile and laugh.  She made me think positive every time.  She made me think that I can do or follow my dreams.  We had fun talking and doing the skills that she taught me.  She was a special person to me when in Kent Career Tech Center.  I love her as a friend!  Cassandra
  • I always saw a genuine kindness in her eyes.  It was the greatest gift that I received every morning as I entered her classroom.
  • Renee was a wonderful, selfless person, friend, healer and mother.  She was feisty and had a wonderful sense of humor.  Her kids were her priority and she loved them so much.  She will be missed.
  • Renee always lit up a room.  She loved life and adored her children.  We all have beautiful memories to hang onto.  Her smile was ever-present.  I smile remembering it.
  • I miss your sense of humor and adventure.  You pushed me to take risks and to live life fuller than I ever would have had I not met you.  You were a wonderful colleague, roommate, and landlord.  May you live in glory with our Lord.  I love you.  --Erin
  • Renee was truly the handmaid of the Lord!  God bless you.
  • Renee was a woman who used her talents to make this world better.  Her combination of intelligence, compassion and energy enabled her to effectively touch and help so many people.
  • You were a very caring, loving person, who continued to love her family and a very giving person.
  • Renee always had a pleasant smile and never a harsh word about anyone.
  • A person with a heart the size of an ocean.
  • I think it's an amazing giving act to help someone with an organ who you didn't even know.
  • Your life was a reflection of your mom and dad, Forry & Doris and the love and beauty you gave to others.
  • Renee would enter a room and within 5 minutes you would hear peals of her laughter.  Her sense of humor was outstanding and uplifting.
  • Renee was a selfless person who gave of herself as she could.  She expected nothing in return.  Because her ultimate reward is in Heaven.
  • Renee was experienced and wise and nonjudgmental.


Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer...
Romans 12:12